I would like to recommend Lilly 100%! She’s truly AWESOME! She has a great personality and She’s totally PROFESSIONAL! I have worked with many people in my 35 years serving the US Government and she has exceeded all expectations! She aided me in negotiating the buying of my home and interpreting the bank, the realtor, and notary information. She also helped us set all of our bills and utilities in place. Her service is EXCELLENT!

Josiah, Mehlingen

Lilly’s personal warmth and attention to detail made me feel at ease right away when I arrived in Germany. She helped find me a centrally located TLF in Landstuhl, came in person with brightly-colored tulips to welcome me, and brought a SIM card for my phone so I could get communications up and running right away. She checked in regularly to see how things were going and to ask if I needed anything. She is a thoughtful, professional individual, and I highly recommend her and German Aid

Heidi, Mackenbach

Wow! Wow! Wow! Lilly has helped me beyond all measures to get my business available for German compliance! She answered all of my questions in a timely manner, and I have told her numerous times in this whole process that it wouldn’t be possible without her! She’s amazing! I recommend her for all your Germany needs! Thank you so much Lilly!!!

Amber, Kottweiler-Schwanden

Lily did an awesome job organizing the beer tasting at the Schnorres brewery in Mehlingen. She was full of lots of information about the beer and Germany that I would definitely use her for navigating all things German.

Terry, Schallodenbach

Lilly has been and continues to be an amazing asset! PCSing and having to do 14 days of quarantine upon arrival doesn’t allow you to accomplish much. With German-Aid, while I was in quarantine, Lilly was house hunting and preparing essential documents. My wife and I utilized the military house hunting websites, but it was difficult to find anything available that we liked or in the area we wanted. Places on those websites were going quick. Lilly used her local connections to find us the perfect place in the perfect location.

Dealing with the housing office is painful, but Lilly knows the process and coordinated everything with the landlords, even being present for translation during the contract signing. There’s COVID and the pressure from work to “get you going.” PCSing is stressful, but it’s been so comforting using German-Aid. Lilly takes a lot of the stress out of PCS. She’s very organized and responsive. If you want less stress with your PCS, hire Lilly with german Aid.

Matthew, Enkenbach-Alsenborn

Lilly has been very helpful and patient in getting me established here in Kaiserslautern.

Pete, Kaiserslautern

Lilly has helped me numerous times figuring out particular issues I’ve had from utility bills, to parking tickets, to anything as simple as a local business recommendation. She’s professional, accommodating, and truly goes above and beyond to make sure all matters are handled as efficiently and accurately as she can.

Tara, Mehlingen

Uncomplicated, fast and professional support looking for new tenants. Thank you Lilly!

Simone, Thallichtenberg

Tina helped me a lot when I was moving into my rental. I don’t speak German and sure was glad she was available.

Patricia, Hütschenhausen

I’ve been a customer of German Aid for a little less than 2 months.  I could not be happier with my decision to hire Lilly and could not be happier with the amazing services provided by German Aid. This is my second time here in Germany and I could have worked my way through the first 2 months on my own.  But German Aid made things SO MUCH easier and I’m positive I made better decisions with the guidance of German Aid.  The process was SO MUCH BETTER. I would recommend this company to everyone.

I know it sounds like a corny line but I’m serious when I say Lilly made me feel like I was her only customer.  Quick to respond to any and all questions I had and really looked out for me and my family. Internet, cell phone, home location, home search assistance, mass transit options… She was there for me. If you have any questions on the service/quality of service you will receive… PM me. I never write product/service reviews.  I just felt compelled to write this one because I really think it.

Adofo, Kaiserslautern

Very good work, reliable and also very sympathetic in the direct cooperation. I can recommend Lilly directly to anyone.

Jonas, Maßweiler

Lilly is AMAZING. She has been my stress reliever. Yes, she helped us get our house. She had our home internet on in less than a week. She gave us cell phone options. The Organics trash for our house was stolen before we moved in. She called and arranged a new one for us. When I needed something for our house she told me which stores would be useful for me. We have a complex house heating system we couldn’t figure out. Lilly made an appointment with the heating company and came to our house for the meeting to translate the instructions to make sure we know how to use it. Our latest “Lilly-Life-Saver” (as I call it) was helping us change our bank account with our cell phone company. I couldn’t change it at the American store or online with Google translate, and the app is in German. She called the company for us and fixed everything. Lilly has saved us hours of research, frustration, stress and dead ends. Moving to a different country is overwhelming. Lilly provides a unique, personal service with kindness, patience and grace. Save yourself the struggle. Treat yourself to the German Aid. You will only thank yourself and Lilly!

Christa, Reichenbach-Steegen

Lily is great and the services German Aid provides help take a lot of stress out of an already stressful time! This was our third overseas post and I don’t even want to count how many PCS seasons we’ve slogged through. Lily and her team managed so many details and provided such valuable support and insight. She was also integral in helping us secure details the place we now call home. Worth every penny!

Kian, Saarbrücken

My sister and I came to Kaiserslautern Germany with hopes of finding and reconnecting with our only living grandmother. We lost contact with her in 1989 when we left Germany and went back to the United States. Our mom is a German citizen who married an army soldier and moved away. She last spoke to her mom in 1989. Back then it was too expensive to call and we didn’t have an address to write. The last time we saw our grandmother my sister and I were 5 & 6. We are now 45 &46. After locating our grandmother, we encountered language barriers and intrusive neighbors who said they were trying to protect our grandmother. We knew we needed someone to translate for us to make progress in reconnecting with our grandmother. I learned of Mrs. Lillicotch’s services through an acquaintance of hers after telling him our story. We reached out to her and she offered her help. She was a godsend and we are so appreciative for all of her hard work, persistence, and determination to help us overcome so many obstacles. After several attempts by Mrs. Lillicotch we have been reunited with our grandmother that we haven’t seen in 40 years. She is patient, kind, and not easily intimidated by stressful situations. This certainly would not have been possible without her and her German Aid company. Thank you so much for all you did to help us!

Alexandra, Kaiserslautern