The German language and culture can be challenging at times, especially when it comes to documents that you need to sign and don’t understand or procedures you are required to follow and you don’t know how to go about it.

If you are thirsty for knowledge, German Aid is here to quench your thirst!

Everyday Challenges

Confusing letters in the mail, a dispute with your neighbor, clarifying terms or issues with your landlord, setting up a bank account, coordinating appointments with contractors for repairs (e.g. plumbers, electricians, pest control), communicating with German schools, daycares or official offices, town / city hall, courthouse, notary… Everyday life can be challenging at times, even when you do speak the language. If you are having trouble getting your point across or receiving the help that you need, let me take care of it for you! Even if there is an emergency situation, please do not hesitate to call right away.

Business Registration

Several people have reached out to inquire about how to set up a business in Germany. I offer more than just telling you which forms to fill out. I am fluent in German and know how to navigate the German system. Based off of my own experience of setting up a business and working closely with an independent insurance consultant, as well as a tax advisor, I can guide you through the whole process. Even if you need to start from the very beginning with brainstorming about business ideas, feasibility, German regulations, setting up your business plan and calculations, I will gladly be your coach.

USO Host Nation Advisor

The USO is near and dear to my heart.
In the position as the Host Nation Advisor for the USO, we brainstorm about opportunities to involve the military community in the local area, I consult them on the dos and dont’s regarding German laws and regulations, we plan and execute events together, on and off-base, and I help them grow by introducing new local partners and gain sponsors to support the USO’s mission. I myself have been a volunteer and sponsor for over 16 years. It’s wonderful to partner with them and have the opportunity to give back to the community and show my support and appreciation. As their slogan goes “Be the force, behind the forces.”

German Language & Culture Training

If you’re interested in tackling the German language and culture one-on-one, then you should check out my German Language & Culture Training package. I offer lessons teaching you the German language, no matter your level, and also include information on the customs and culture. The content, speed and time is flexible and geared towards your interests and needs / wants. If you’d like to do it one-on-one or prefer meeting and learning with a group of friends, I am completely flexible to design a package that works best for you. In-person and online classes are available and start at any time.