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German Aid operates from the heart and wants to help you during your PCS to Germany — whether you are on your way over here, just got here or have already been here for a while.

My translating, relocating and consulting services are tailored to your needs. All of the information I provide is based on my own personal research, experiences and knowledge; it is non-binding and non-legal and to be determined as a courtesy translation. I will do the best I can to explain matters to you, so you understand them. I am not responsible nor can I be held liable for any misunderstandings or further actions taken upon receiving my information.

To fulfil your request, your personal information (full name, German postal address, mobile number and email address) is required. This information is strictly for billing purposes and for me to contact you while executing your request and will not be shared with anyone else.

The price for my services is due after completion of service as soon as you receive the invoice via email. If we meet in person, cash payment is also possible for which you’ll receive a receipt on the spot and an invoice will follow via email for your files. All prices displayed are net, so 19% VAT is applied on top, VAT forms are accepted in person or as a mail-in.

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